Introducing Kitsune

Kitsune PupBorn in May 2013, Kitsune was given up due to allergies and is currently our youngest foster dog. He is a very cute typical Shiba puppy – friendly, happy, and curious. He gave kisses and tail wags to our volunteer who transported him to his foster family. We’ll be posting more about Kitsune after his foster family gets to know him better.


  1. Gavin Garay says:

    I am interested in adopting Kitsune. I live in Dutchess county, Ny on 5 acres. Please email more information and the cost to adopt. Thank you.

  2. So adorable!!!

  3. vincent yip says:

    My mother and father would love to adopt Kitsune. This adorable dog. I will be filling out the application for my parents. I just want to know if he is still up for adoption?

  4. Sheila and Suni (mother and daughter) says:

    We are interested in Adopting Kitsune and would like more information. We love I’m a small village in Vermont. Please email us or contact us.

  5. Hello, I am currently looking for a best friend for my little max (1 year old shiba inu). Has Kitsune found his new home yet? Thank!

    • We are still processing applications to adopt Kitsune. Have you submitted yours?

      • I have not submitted my application yet since I will be moving into a new house in January, I dont feel it would be fair to Kitsune or any other dog to bring them into my current home and then make them move in a month. We would like to adopt our new family member in January after we move (im sure Kitsune will have found his new home by then considering all the people who have fallen in love with him already). Would it be ok to submit my application with the address to my new home?

        • If you want to submit your application now, make sure you clearly indicate you’ll be moving in January and won’t be ready for a home visit until then.

  6. I am from Mexico and i live in Mexico DF Coyoacán
    I´m love this dogs but i don´t want buy it ‘cose i’m concient there are many dogs alone in the streets
    but… you can send the dog to mexico?

    • There’s a lot more than transporting the dog. This page details NYCSR’s adoption process If all steps have been fulfilled and we find you a good match but you cannot come meet the dog, we’ll need to find a volunteer to take him/her to you. All travel expenses will be covered by the adopter. The potential adopter will also be responsible for all costs to transport the dog back to NYCSR if upon meeting him/her it is decided you two aren’t a good match.

  7. Hi, I was just wondering if Kitsune is still available for adoption?

  8. Hi, I sent in my application, and was told by my references that someone contacted them. I was just wondering if you guys send out emails telling people that already applied if they were denied or not?

    • NYCSR is an all volunteers organization. We all have full time jobs, family, dogs so we are not available 24/7. We ask for your patience as we process your application and we’ll contact you when we are ready for the next step.

  9. Sue Caputo says:

    Hello! I just had my home visit & it went very well. Jenny said I was definitely ready & would be a good home for a Shiba. I already filled out the application & have now completed the home visit…what is the next step? I am very interested in Kitsune & don’t want him to be adopted before I get anything else done that needs to be done. I look forward to adopting from you!

    Thank you!
    Sue 🙂

    • Hi Sue,

      All of these steps are handled by our Adoptions Team. You will be hearing from them as they go through the steps of processing your application.

  10. Matthew Lauinger says:

    he is a beautiful boy, we’ve been looking for a possible friend for our 7 year old Shiba
    If he’s still available I’d like to fill out the application
    thank you

    • Yes, he is still available. Please, send the application so we can start work on finding the best match for your family.

  11. I want to adopt Kitsune for myself and my 9 year old son. Is he still available?

  12. James H Park says:


    We are very interested in Kitsune. We have a home in Glen Rock, Nj.
    We are looking for an addition to our family. We will complete the application ASAP.
    We hope Kitsune will find a good home. If it is ours, we will be truley blessed & grateful.

    Hi Hopes,

    Park Family