December update for Scrappy

scrappyScrappy hasn’t changed too much since the last update personality-wise. However, he did have a big day last week: He turned 3! We all wished him a very happy birthday and his fosters treated him like a prince. A prince who still acts like a tempermental two yr old.

We’ve been told that Scrappy is a picky eater and his foster family has changed his food a few times to figure out what he likes. It seems Scrappy gets tired of his food and they have to mix new flavors and types of protein to keep him eating regularly.

Scrappy also needs to be crated when no one is home. If he’s alone or unsupervised Scrappy has a tendency to find something to do that is inappropriate like chewing on wooden furniture, trying to tear fabrics, and other things that young dogs tend to do. His fosters are training him and working with him to curb this habit.

Overall, Scrappy is a social and happy boy. We are so glad he’s having fun with his foster family and had a great birthday.