Spartacus’ December Update

Spartacus is happy and full of energy! He is very active, listens well and is a very good boy.Spartacus4

He is doing very well and does not try to run out the front door at all anymore. His foster family used to have to give him a treat to get him to stay, but now he stays without being offered a treat! He goes into his crate when asked and lets his foster family know when he needs to go outside.

They are still working with him to try to get him out of the habit of begging for food and jumping up on the counters. He knows the command “sit” and sits on command.

Sparkie is good with their 6 year old for the most part but does play a little rough and sometimes nips at him. He is better with their 12 year old. Sparkie would be best in a home with older children.