Welcome Nina to NYCSR

Warm & friendly four year old Nina joined NYCSR yesterday. Nina’s mom didn’t have a lot of time to spend with her since Nina’s dad died, and she wasn’t fond of a child who would visit. Nina is said to not be good with other dogs and cats. We look forward to learning more about Nina from her foster mom.



  1. Jason Martinez says:

    I lost my Shiba about a month ago. We rescued her from the SPCA in Florida she lived to be a very happy 18.5 years. This Shiba is beautiful, is it to early to fill out an application?

    • Sorry for the loss of your long time companion.

      Applications are reviews in chronological order of arrival. In other words, it’s never too early to submit yours.

  2. Jason Martinez says:

    Almost forgot I live up in the Allegheny National Forest area, zip code 15828. Is that too far away to adopt a Shiba? Thank you

  3. Mae-Mae Taylor says:

    Hello, dear kind person,
    I hope my note finds you well.
    We met at Biscuits and Bath back in 2007.
    Would Nina get along with Two Bears who is going to be eight years in April?
    Once an application is filled out, and if the applicant has a Shiba Inu, should that applicant bring her Shiba Inu with her so that the Shibas can introduce themselves to each other?
    Thanks to let us know,
    Warm regard,

    Mae-Mae Taylor

  4. Nina Hanson says:

    you so we’re good the dogs name is nina cause my name is Nina.I have a 10 year old Shiba Inu he’s really sweet.I really like to just get him a friend to keep him company and you know looks so cute and it would work out great especially if she has the same name as me I would appreciate it if you would give me a call if possible or email me or call me. I can’t afford to pay alot of money. But I think Dakota and Nina would work great together.