Update for Akira – February

IMG_6690Handsome 13-year-old Akira has started becoming more and more comfortable with his foster home.  He’s a small fellow, only weighing about 17 lbs, and could probably use to gain a bit of weight and build some strength.

He currently is living in a home with three other dogs.  Although they’re not particularly friendly, they are learning to live together and Akira moves among the pack with few problems.  One of his new foster brothers, welcomed him into the family with a bite on the nose, so Akira yowls whenever he gets too close.

For the most part Akira is entirely comfortable with his foster mom, but is a little nervous with his foster dad (although they are starting to warm to each other).  Akira follows his new mom around the house, loves a good scratch on the neck and will lay in her lap on his back for a belly rub.  He shows a little interest in playing with stuffed animals or balls, but loses interest quickly.

Akira’s real favorite past time is a good walk. He’s perfected the ability to walk on a loose leash and powers through a good walk, without stopping to sniff or check any pee-mail, just happy to pound the pavement and be outside.  Usually a good 20 to 30 minute walk will tire him out, and usually by the end of a longer walk he’s tired and ready to be carried home.

He is a total Shiba though, not to be forgotten.  He’ll bolt out the door if given the opportunity.  He also seems quite aloof and can be afraid of people and new places.  Another thing to be aware of is that if awoken or startled he can become disoriented and bite as a consequence.  This can easily be avoided, expect this sweet pup LOVES to sleep on the bed with you.

Some of this behavior is caused by some of the health issues that Akira has.  After his initial health exam the vet found that he is possibly deaf.  This deafness could be caused by an ear infection, but we won’t know until it is treated.  Akira also has a full cataract in his right eye and a pre-cataract in his left eye.  His skin is also very itchy, which his foster family is trying to help through diet, but the dry cold weather probably isn’t helping.  Speaking of cold weather, this sweet old pup is also arthritic.  His teeth also need a good cleaning, and will hopefully be taken care of once a dental appointment can be scheduled.

Generally, Akira needs a home that is very tolerant, very dog-aware and preferably a one dog family.  He would prefer someone who is home most of the time and doesn’t have children in the home regularly.  A home that would accommodate his handicaps and be able to avoid his triggers.  He is wee-wee pad trained and sleeps most of the day when given free range of the home (he actually does not do well when crated).

Akira is looking for his perfect forever home. Please consider opening your home to this sweet senior looking for some belly rubs.