Fuji’s March Update

Uh-oh, or should I say ruh-roh, Fuji is shedding! Anyone who already has a Shiba knows that the amount of undercoat that is blown during this time would be enough to build three more. Other than the shedding, Fuji is his normal happy and bubbly little Shiba self!

FujitakingarideWhen we wrote our first post for Fuji, we held a lot of concern about his tendency to guard treats that he considers “high” value. His foster family worked for weeks on training him and are able to trade Fuji’s higher value bones for treats but if he is able to chew on it, he refuses to give it up. It’s determined that Fuji should not come into contact with treats in that category. Chewing is a great way for him to expend his energy but it certainly isn’t the only way. As long as Fuji receives enough exercise daily, he will stay out of trouble and lounge or nap. His favorite location is next a window so that he’s sitting in the front row watching the world pass by beneath him. Did we mention that he’s a love bug and snuggles with his foster family?

Fuji is a Shiba that needs consistency in his life and a strict set of rules. Otherwise he will try to take over your home! He has limited interactions with other dogs and seems to react well to them. Unfortunately Fuji is extremely prey driven so it is best that he does not have any kitty friends in his house.

Fuji is already adoption pending because we have found a home that suits his very Shiba personality. Please check the right side bar for other great Shibas whom are currently available for adoption!