Introducing Oscar

Oscar Oscar is our young 16 lbs cream Shiba who has a lot of wriggly puppy energy and love to give. He is a confident young fella holds his head up high and will approach anything and anyone with his curly tail and bright eyed curiosity.

Just like any puppy, Oscar has a lot to learn and the best way to teach him manners is by having him interact with a patient and gentle adult dog. Oscar and his foster family’s resident Shiba, Roxy, have a blast playing together. Oscar can sometimes be too rough while playing, but Roxy has no qualms about showing him what’s appropriate and expected of him. Though Oscar is an instigator, he is also very intelligent and a quick learner, so Roxy has not had any problems with showing him the ropes. His foster family is also teaching him a very important puppy command: Leave it. While on walks, Oscar thinks that whatever he sees on the ground belongs in his mouth. Luckily he is also very treat motivated, to the point where he knows the exact number of treats in someone’s pocket!

Like any Shiba however, Oscar will obey his commands and snuggle on his own terms. Oscar loves to run through doors and be the first one to run outside. His foster family is teaching him that he needs to sit and wait until he is calm and behaved before allowed permission to walk (not run!) outside. Oscar’s interactions with other dogs are limited at this time because he hasn’t received all his shots. From the dogs that he has met, Oscar is friendly towards them and also the few children that he has had the pleasure of meeting.¬†Oscar is currently being potty trained and wee wee pad trained. He has had a few accidents in his foster home but is learning to control his bladder.

We know that there will be a lot of interest for a young and sweet pup like Oscar, but he is already adoption pending. Please check out the right column of our site for other available Shibas that are also ready for their forever home!