Introducing Rocky

RockyThis smiling, happy boy is Rocky. He’s only one year old and was surrendered to the Manhattan AC&C because his owner needed to travel a lot.

Rocky is a bundle of energy. At the shelter he did well when introduced to another dog. We can’t wait to learn more about Rocky and to see more pictures of that great Shiba smile!


  1. How much does Rocky weights? Does he get along with cats?

  2. NeShelle says:

    Is Rocky available for adoption and what are the first steps required?

  3. Greetings,

    Do you anticipate introducing him to a cat? I have a female cat that gets along with dogs and I think she will do well with a companion. Also, is Rocky housetrained? Does he bark when left alone or if the doorbell rings?

    • Rocky is the newest addition to our foster program and we’re still getting to know him. We will update his blog as we learn more. Keep posted.

  4. Is he still available?

  5. Do you have any other information on Rocky, like how is he with other dogs, and does he like a crate? I have a 4 yr old female siberian husky mix and I would not be able to leave the two of them alone in the house until I knew for sure they would not fight. Also, is he housebroken? Thanks!

    • There are many more factors we take into consideration in order to place our dogs. If you are interested in Rocky, please send us an application so we can start working in figuring out if you are a good match.

  6. Please put more information and pictures about Rocky the original. Is he good with cats? Does he loves hiking and running? Is he ok when traveling in a car? I love that smile!

  7. Is Rocky good with children? Is he neutered and up to date on vaccination?

    • All of our foster dogs are spayed/neutered and up to date on all health care and preventatives before being made available for adoption.

      I’m not sure how Rocky is with children, but there should be more updates about him posted to our website in the future.

  8. Hello! may i ask if he is still available for adopting??

    • Please notice Rocky is listed under ‘Adoption Pending’ – he has already found a forever home.