March Update for Nina

Sweet-faced Nina, is a four-year-old Shiba who is charming the pants off her new foster family.  Her foster mom was told she weighs about 32lbs, but thinks that’s a little too much for this girl.  We’ll find out her weight after her first initial exam at the vet, but she’s thinking Nina is closer to 25-28lbs.

Nina-Feb12_3Nina is friendly with adults and very well trained.  She is attentive and listens well, although can be a bit vocal, particularly when she needs to use the bathroom or when left alone.  She will also scratch the door a bit when left home for extended periods of time.  Her previous owners stated that Nina had toy/food aggression, although her foster mom has yet to see this behavior while caring for her.  Nina is a curious dog who enjoys long walks and greeting new people or dogs (although she will sometimes growl when she meets new dogs).

Her foster mom has also noticed that Miss Nina likes to go digging through trash cans when at home, so it will be important that her new home have secure trash cans that she cannot get into.

Currently she has been given free range of the home when her foster mom is out, and has so far been well behaved.  She is potty-trained and prefers to be taken for a walk immediately after her mom comes home.  When walking, she walks on a loose leash. She is curious about small animals, and will try to walk or run towards them. Her attention is easily redirected back to the task at hand with a small tug on the leash.

The best home for Nina would probably be a larger home with a yard.  She prefers to be outdoors, so an active family would be best. If you think you’d be a good fit for Nina, check out how you can add her to your family here.