Mojo’s February Update

The last few months have been rough for Mojo. If you recall from the December 2013 update for our little guy, he went from a happy and bouncy Shiba to suddenly sick from diabetic complications. During the holidays, Mojo sadly spent more time hospitalized than at home celebrating!

Overall, Mojo is doing incredibly well compared to his December update. His foster family actively monitor his glucose levels and working with the vet to ascertain the best daily insulin dosage. At this time, his vet is most satisfied with 8 units 1x per day. It keeps Mojo at a consistent 500 glucose level and no ketones. He had a minor tick infection, which has also cleared up during this time.


Now that he is able to spend more time comfortably at his foster home, Mojo is coming out of his shell and becoming his happy, bouncy self again. He gets excited when his foster family returns home and trails behind them everywhere indoors. Despite his diabetic condition, Mojo has a very healthy appetite and is working on adding some weight back to his frame. His foster family cleverly baked some of his wet food to act as a reward when he gets his insulin shots. I don’t know anyone that looks forward to getting needled daily but Mojo is handling it like a champ! Lots of belly rubs and ear scritches are welcomed as a consolation prize along with his baked treats.

Keep sending Mojo well wishes, they’re helping him along his journey! (Also, if possible, please help us raise the money we need to pay the extensive vet bills from when Mojo spent so much time in the hospital.

Mojo is in a big need to find a furever home that can manage his injections and regular vet visits to keep him stable. His foster family is fantastic, but he would do best and thrive in a more permanent home. He’s a sweet, affectionate guy who is just looking for some belly rubs from a person he can call his own.  Dig deep in your heart, do you think you could give him the best place to stay strong and well?  Are you the special person to give Mojo a special home?  If so, please submit your application to adopt!