NYCSR Welcomes Koji

KojiKoji is six years old and was surrendered by his owner who unfortunately developed chronic allergies around him.

Koji loves playing fetch with his stuffed toys and will catch and chase a fabric doggie frisbee. He can be shy and fearful around new people or things. He will bark when the doorbell rings to let you know you have visitors.

Welcome Koji!


  1. Does Koji get along with cats?

    • We don’t know how Koji interacts with cats.

      How about you send us an application to adopt? We could then discuss which dogs are good matches for you.

  2. Is Koji currently fostered?

  3. Kiera Lewis says:

    Does Koji get along with other dogs? We currently have a 1 year old female, but looking for a young male companion for her. She’s always looking for dogs to play with.

    • Koji does get along with dogs. If you want to adopt from us, please submit an application so we can start working on finding you the best match.

  4. Edward Penson says:

    Currently have a shiba (6 yrs) . Unfortunately, he stays alone a good deal of the time. I am interested in a second ne who can share his time and life with mine. Could this work? Same characteristics (shy..but never aggressive )

  5. Edward Penson says:

    My male 6 yr old would love this guy to play/live with.. Both shy and beautiful and fearful of strangers

  6. Koji is such a gorgeous boy!

  7. Caroline says:

    How much does Koji weigh?