Mojo’s Got His Mojo Back!

This update is happily about how Mojo got his mojo back! We extended his monthly update an extra month because we wanted to make sure that Mojo’s recovery continues on a steady incline before we report back to you. Mojo’s current foster family is incredibly dedicated to finding the best formula to regulate Mojo’s diabetic condition. From the frequent and detailed updates that we receive, it is clear to us that Mojo is lucky to be in such good hands!

April has been chock filled with positive news for Mojo though the month was a slow start. Mojo’s foster family and vet began by switching Mojo’s diet to a low glucose, high fiber food filled with complex carbohydrates. The reason for this switch was so that the complex carbs would take longer for his metabolism to work through and provide a more consistent caloric burn through out the day. This avoids the drastic peaks and valleys of his sugar levels and prevents Mojo from feeling hungry all the time. Mojo is getting double the amount of food right now to help him gain some weight and it is working! We are now at a healthier 23 lbs  and with the extra bit of fat on his body, it has been a lot easier for Mojo to handle the insulin shots that he bravely endures throughout the day. The delicious treats that he receives after the shot don’t hurt either! With careful monitoring, the amount of insulin is slowly reduced because his levels are normalizing and ketones are no longer present.

In this week’s update from his foster family, Mojo is just a good-natured normal dog who wants to play and explore. Mojo has a lot more energy and accompanies his foster family and resident dog on outings. They recently went hiking and Mojo leapt over logs and rocks like a young dog. All these activities are helping Mojo gain some of his muscle mass back and helps reduce the fatigue that he once felt when he was sick. Mojo is back to his puppy-like self and will carry his favorite squeaky chicken toy around the house with him or head-butt his foster humans for attention. His favorite activities are wandering around the trees and bushes in the yard and sunbathing. Belly rubs are always welcome his Mojo’s world and he makes sure his foster family knows that he is readily available to receive them by tailing them around the house.

Now that Mojo’s medical condition is stabilizing, he is a very happy and sweet Shiba who is ready for his forever home. His home will need to be perfect and we are still searching for his ideal match.80%”>

NOTE: We still desperately need help paying off Mojo’s medical bills. If you can help with any size donation, please check out Mojo’s medical fund and make a donation.