Welcome Apache!

This is Apache, our newest foster Shiba. He will be two years old in late June. Apache loves attention and playing fetch. He is so full of energy that he was just too much for his disabled owners to care for. In foster care he has a nice fenced yard where he can run around and burn up some of that energy. He’d really like a home of his own though… stay tuned for more information about Apache as we get to know him.


  1. How does Apache get along with other pups so far?

  2. Laurie Houle says:

    Hi, I’m wondering how big Apache is. t looks tall in the pictures. Thanks

  3. Teressa Eid says:

    Hello is Apache still available?

    Have you tested him for Hip Dysplasia and Glaucoma?

    Thank you !

    • marize says:

      When we take a dog into foster care, the first step is a full medical examination by a veterinarian. Any health issues will be taken care of as recommended by our veterinarian and an appointment for a spay or neuter will be made if necessary. Unless a dog is symptomatic, we do not screen for the conditions you mentioned.

      If you are interested in adopting Apache, please send us an application (http://nycshibarescue.org/adopting-a-shiba/)

  4. Teressa Eid says:

    Hello Marize, seems I am unable to fax the application! I’ve tried several times, is there any possible way to mail it?

  5. I now have a forty five pound, eight year old male. Bailey, he is in need of a new friend. He is a great Sheba.
    Let me know if you think Apachie would make a good friend


    • There are many factors we take into consideration when analyzing applications in order to determine which dog is the best match for a given applicant. Please, submit you application so we can build your profile and determine whether or not Apache is a good match

  6. Hello and sorry i did not read clearly about Rocky…but I do not see Apache on that list. may i ask about him?

    • As it turns out, Rocky is “back on the market”.

      We share all we know about our dogs in their individual blogs. Keep reading Rocky and Apache’s while we process the application you’ll submit sometime soon.