Apache’s May Update

We received a detailed update on Apache, and we know you are very excited to hear what he’s been up to this past month! Healthy and happy is how we like our foster Shibas, and Apache is no exception. He has one last vaccination to receive, after which he will be ready to find his forever home.

Apache-Apr21_1Apache is a lucky young Shiba in many ways, one being that he is exposed to many different situations in his foster home. He is able to interact with children in their backyard, play with their cat, young and older dogs, and a horse! His foster family is reminded every day that Apache is a young Shiba with a lot of energy by the way that he interacts with the other creatures in the home. Apache plays very well with the younger dogs that hang out near the barn and is learning boundaries with the elder resident Shiba. He often finds himself in trouble, because he doesn’t realize that he can be too rowdy with the older dog! Apache will also play with the resident cat and though they get along, Apache can sometimes be a bit rough with the cat. He plays well with mature children and will play fetch in the backyard with them, but it’s recommended that he not be in a home with children younger than 10 years old.

When Apache first arrived in his foster home, he was food possessive and also did not like to be alone. Both of these issues have lessened! He has free roam of the home when people are around, but when he is left to his own devices, you might find him chewing on something “off limits.” A quick and firm “No” usually stops him. With consistent training, his foster family has also made Apache comfortable with eating without needing to guard his food. In the beginning, the resident Shiba and Apache ate their meals twice a day in separate rooms, and now they eat in the same room without issues. His foster family has also noticed that Apache is averse to the “sit” command. They have diligently been working with a trainer to desensitize Apache to this command.

It is important that Apache’s forever home is sure that they are able to handle a young Shiba like Apache. He does not transition to new places well and may react negatively when initially in a new environment. He will adjust with time and patience though. In return for his future forever family’s patience, Apache will reward you with lots of personalized affection and cuddles!


  1. I am interested in adopting a shiba. I have already rescued on she was great very independent funny intelligent I love the breed & would love to save another one . please get back to me I liked apache could u please get back to me if u have ay questions for me I really am very interested in adopting my forever friend

  2. Jasmine Corson says:

    I’m interested in adopting him. I have a cat and work at an animal rescue so I understand the importance of a forever home. He will recieve all the love and care he could ever want at my home. Please contact me if possible if the dog is available for adoption. Thank you.

  3. Hello. Can you tell me if this is a male or female and how old please? Neutered/ spayed?

    • Apache is clearly referred to as HE in all the posts: “His foster family is reminded every day that Apache is a young Shiba with a lot of energy by the way that he interacts with the other creatures in the home”.

      All NYCSR dogs are spayed/neutered. We will never adopt out an intact Shiba.