Mojo’s Latest Update

Mojo is a mellow fellow and we’re truly happy to report that he is in excellent health now that his diabetes is fully stabilized. Mojo has gained back his weight and his hip and rib bones are not pronounced under his skin. We are truly thankful for his foster family in their diligence in monitoring Mojo and consistently keeping to his daily insulin shot schedule.

We went on a little roller coaster ride with Mojo when he first came into our foster care because we were not aware of his medical history. Mojo’s future care will not be complicated — just a couple of insulin shots a day and Mojo will give you many happy years of sweet companionship in return! His foster family reports that Mojo is a champ when it comes to his daily shots and does not run away, wince, or cry during these moments. He sits, waits for his shot, and then eats his meal as a reward. It is such a non-dramatic event that Mojo doesn’t even need a treat afterwards to reward him for his good behavior (although he sometimes gets one for reinforcement). In fact, Mojo is so good about his insulin shots that I would gladly trade the weekly nail trims with my Shibas for Mojo’s daily insulin shots! He seems to have mild seasonal allergies but aside from some sneezes and eye boogers, there is no need to remedy the allergies. They will subside as the pollen season passes. Our foster family tells us that their own human allergies are worse than Mojo’s.

These days, Mojo spends time outdoors in the backyard with his fosters. He will alternate between the sunbathing on the grass to laying under a tree for the cool comfort of the shade. Seeing Mojo so comfortable and relaxed makes everyone happy. He truly enjoys life to the fullest. Mojo proved himself to be fantastic around young pups. A mature fellow as himself understands that a quick and succinct bark at an in-your-face puppy will suffice in scolding them for poor manners. One quirky trait of Mojo’s is that he is afraid of thunderstorms and you could find him wrapped around your head in bed at night during a storm!

Mojo is looking for his forever home. We are so glad to report his progress over the month and he is now in great condition to be an amazing companion Shiba for an equally amazing family. Please submit your adoption application with his name on top if you want to be considered to be his forever home. We understand there may be questions on your mind so please feel free to ask us with the app or in email so that we can answer them for you! 

We still owe thousands of dollars for Mojo’s medical bills. If you can help get these bills paid, please make a donation.