Two New Black & Tan Shibas at NYCSR

NYCSR took in two black and tan foster dogs this weekend. The first is Solo. Solo is a male black and tan who just turned one year old. Solo’s owners worked long hours and with a baby on the way, there wasn’t enough time to spend with Solo. Solo is energetic, loves playing with tennis balls & ice cubes, running and gets a little upset if he doesn’t get his own way.

Our second new foster dog this weekend is Doggie. Doggie is a two year old black and tan female who was surrendered to the Brooklyn AC&C due to moving. Doggie is small, weighing only 14.4 pounds, and she does appear to need to put on just a little bit of weight. She is a sweet, highly excitable little girl.


  1. Jean L. says:

    I would love to learn more about Solo when you get to know him better. 🙂
    I am considering a shiba but I live in MA, so it would depend if he can be picked up somewhere nearby or in CT.

  2. Jean L. says:

    I live in Great Barrington, western MA btw.

  3. Lily Chen says:


    Are either of these two available for fostering? I would love to take one in; I will submit a foster application.

    Thank you!

    • Dogs listed in our website have already been placed with foster families.

      We always need foster homes though. Please, send us the application so we can start working together.

  4. Solo is adorable and I saw that it was necessary to get a home visit, which I expected, but I wanted to make sure that was possible since I live in Oswego, NY. It sounded like have volunteers to do home visits even if we live far away? Also do you have problems with people who live in apartments? We plan to give daily hour long walks and I’ve done lots of research so I’m pretty sure as long as we give our pup proper exercise apartment living should be fine for a shiba, but you guys are the experts.

    • If we had problems with people living in apartments, I wouldn’t be writing this. Not too many people have houses in NYC 😉

      Please, submit your application so we can start working on finding a dog that best matches your profile. We can also figure out the logistics of conducting the home visit.

      • Awesome. It might be a short while before we can actually get a dog as my boyfriend is in the middle of switching jobs and I want to make sure he finds one and is settled so we don’t end up with a pup we can’t afford. I’m sure we’ll be fine in a month or I shall be very sad because I very much want an adorable fuzzball of my own. No reason I can’t send out the application early and get everything settled first though!

      • Did you need anything else from me for my application? I haven’t heard back from you in awhile and I’m getting a little worried lol. I hope I didn’t fill something out badly or something… I really love Solo and I want him as part of my furry family 😀 My boyfriend and I are heading down to New Jersey to visit his family on the 21st to the 28th so if we could have everything set by then the timing would be perfect.

        • The Adoptions team sent you an email on July 30th detailing the process. Please, submit any further inquiry to the Adoptions team.

  5. Is Solo still available for adoption. I am looking for a young Shiba and he is beautiful. Please advise so I can fill out an adoption application.

    • Yes, Solo is still available for adoption. We look forward to receiving your application.

  6. Susan Gibson says:

    Do I need to submit another adoption application? I have previously adopted from NYCSR and am interested in adopting Elsa.

  7. Are either Solo or Doggie avaialbel for adoption? If so, how do I meet them?

  8. Marilyn K says:

    Solo is adorable and just the right age. I already have a 1 year old cream male Shiba (Kitsune) who I love to pieces, and I want to get him a “brother” to play with. He also loves to play fetch and ice cubes. Now I just have to convince Kit’s daddy that this is a good move.