Scrappy’s September Update

ScrappyWhilst most of us are accustomed¬†with Shibas with reserved personalities, Scrappy is the opposite. This 3.5 year old foster is just can’t get enough of greeting humans and dogs alike. When he is out with his foster family for a walk, he will pull to say hello to all living creatures. He showed great discipline and patience towards a group of children who were excited to meet and pet him last month! Scrappy calmly sat and allowed the children to pet him and didn’t react when they accidentally poked him in the eye when petting him on his muzzle.

Scrappy loves the freedom of roaming freely around his foster home and will be vocal about being crated. He will act out the Shiba equivalent of a child kicking and screaming to convince his foster family to allow him out of his crate. At first they thought that Scrappy was whining to be let out because he needed to go out for a potty break but they found out that he just wants to lay out on the living room couch. At home, Scrappy will get overexcited and as a result, become extremely mouthy. The heightened level of excitement isn’t desirable so his foster family has been working diligently to communicate that this behavior is not appropriate. When Scrappy gets nippy, his foster family will turn their backs to him or remove him from the environment and have found good results from training him in this manner.

Despite seasonal allergies, Scrappy is a spirited young pup who is still searching for his forever home. He is turning 4 years old in November 24th¬†and we’d love for him to celebrate his birthday with his new family! Please fill out an adoption application if you are interested in adopting Scrappy!


  1. How big is Scrappy?

  2. Hi! We are looking for someone who will hike and canoe & snowshoe with us, play with our 5 y.o. husky mix and bring some brains to our canine operation. Our greyhound is turning 13 and doesn’t run as much as she used to but would give Scrappy a hard chase several times a day. We had a friend in NYC with a Shiba who played very well with both our dogs. Do you think Scrappy would be a good addition to our family?

    • To adopt any of NYCSR’s foster dogs, one must undergo a multi-layered process that takes into account all aspects of your environment. We will examine the application and contact you when we have your profile.