Welcome Peaches and Griffin

Peaches and Griffin came to NYCSR from a military family who is being sent to Japan and can’t take their two Shibas with them. Peaches will celebrate her 3rd birthday on the 26th of this month. She is a small creamie, currently weighing only 13.8 lbs. She is OK with children and with her brother Griffin, but has never been introduced to cats. She is sweet and loves to be petted, but is hesitant about putting on a leash and collar.

Griffin turns 4 years old on June 27th. He weighs 21.8 lbs. He is sweet, gentle, and loves petting. He is easy going on the leash, but does not respond to commands & will jump on furniture. He does have the Shiba escape tendencies and must be carefully contained. He is OK with Peaches, but has never been around cats.

Peaches and Griffin are being fostered in separate homes, and we look forward to learning more about them as they settle in.




  1. They are gorgeous….they should be together…wish I could take them but have a 16 yr old kitty.

  2. Cristina Mayhew says:

    Peaches looks like a cutie. Is she up for adoption without her brother? I would think they are a bonded pair. We can’t really handle 2 more dogs- but one would be great…how do we get in line to be considered? We’ve had our home visit (that was soooo fun!) and our references have been called.

  3. Shiba Lover says:

    Wow. He is very cute!

  4. Hi, I’m wondering if Peaches is available for sole adoption and if not if you can send me any other small shiba inu breeds needing adoption.

    • Yes, Peaches is available for individual adoption.

      All dogs listed under “NYCSR’s Current Foster Dogs” are looking for a forever home.