Meech’s Adventures (and October Update!)

Cowabunga dudes! Meech is in town and you need watch out for his counter surfing skills or you might lose your lunch (and we mean that literally!) At 4 years old, Meech has an insatiable appetite for all things tasty and is helping his foster family along the path of weight gain by grabbing an extra snack from their kitchen counters here and there. He came to us with some rib bones protruding. After a month with his new foster home, our Big Kahuna now weighs in at a healthier 29 lbs. He loves to eat so much that he will growl to warn you not to come close to his meals. As a result of this behavior, he is being trained to be less protective of his food.

Did somebody say "adventure"?

Did somebody say “adventure”?

Meech’s skills don’t end at counter surfing, he is also a skilled wardrobe consultant. If he does not deem your clothing to be stylish enough, he will go ahead and tailor them by grabbing them from the bed and chewing on them. After all, the distressed look is so hot right now. Meech realized that he isn’t thanked for his very skillful wardrobe designs so he has decided to wean himself away from chewing after his foster family asked him to search for a new career. His foster family very quickly realized that asking him to explore other options was not a good idea because he keeps trying to bolt out the front door in search of new adventures. The moment that he hears the creaking sound from a door hinge, Meech will make a run for it so his foster family is extremely careful about entering and leaving the house. Meech has free roam of the house but is not allowed in the basement. One funny quirk that he possesses is thinking that going down to the basement means that it is an opportunity to relieve himself. This may have been a trained behavior from his previous home.

When Meech does hang out at home, he plays with his foster family’s dog, Sable. It was BFF love from the moment that he walked through their front door.  They play extremely well together and though play time romps can get rough, Meech is aware of Sable’s smaller stature and will allow her to take toys from him. When they are tired, they just hang out in the living room together. Meech also enjoys barking at everything. We think it’s just his Shiba way of communicating with us! After a month of staying with his foster family, Meech is well behaved when outside on walks and is friendly towards other dogs and humans, though he does not like to be reached for. He prefers to be the one initiating the communication. Meech is very loving at home and will follow his foster family around indoors so that he can observe what they are doing.

Check back soon for more updates on the adventures of Meech, our multi-talented foster Shiba!



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