Mojo’s October Update

Mojo-Sept2014We have a short and sweet update for Mojo this month!

His previous foster house was expecting a baby and we decided that they should dedicate their full focus to caring for their new family member. After much consideration, Mojo was placed into a new foster home. He has a new playmate, a sweet cat who also has the same insulin schedule as Mojo, and is regaining the weight he lost. Mojo is at a healthier 21 lbs at this time! Mojo loves his new foster family and they describe him as friendly and calm around the home.

Come back for more detailed updates about Mojo next month!

Before we go, allow us to make a plea: we still desperately need help paying off Mojo’s medical bills. If you can help with any size donation, please check out Mojo’s medical fund and make a donation.