Welcome Bolt!

Please welcome our newest and youngest NYCSR foster, Bolt! Bolt is a sweet 10 week old creamie boy who already loves to play and give lots of kisses. Bolt is currently being crate trained and is learning the way of the leash!

Bolt is in a foster-to-adopt home and will not be available for adoption for about four months.

Please stay tuned for more on Bolt.

bolt bolt2


  1. What a good lokking dog. Wouldnlove to become a foster for you guys while uou look for himes for dogs. We have two shibas right now and love them. Please contact me abd let me know if your in need of fosters. Thanks Danny

  2. Jennifer tang says:

    Hello , I just had a beloved pet that passed away and he left his special friend at home and she’s kind of sad! I wanted to know more about this adoption as I am interested in adopting a shiba !thank you!

  3. Hello, Is Bolt still available for adoption in a few months?

  4. Richard Lopez says:

    Bolt is such a beautiful pup! If he doesn’t get adopted (Which I’m sure he will why wouldn’t he with a face like that) I’d love to adopt him. He’s such a cutie I’m in love already.