Introducing Guero


Guero is just shy of his second birthday. Guero loves people and children and would probably be best suited for an active family because he LOVES playing ball and going on long walks….really anything that resembles play is great with Guero. He is a very affectionate dog and loves to be with his person/people.

Guero gets along well with small and medium sized dogs, but has shown aggression toward strange larger dogs. He has no direct experience with cats, but does seem to be curious of them. Since he chases birds and squirrels, he would probably be better in a home without cats. Guero for the most part is well-mannered, but sometimes he gets excited greeting new guests and will jump up on them. He knows his basic commands, is house broken and crate trained although he doesn’t use his crate any longer.

We’ll be sharing all we learn about Guero. Keep posted!