Niko’s May Update

Niko_2016-05-16Niko has really been doing great with his foster mom! He is a typical male Shiba puppy who thrives on routine and structure but is lovable and sweet as well. Of course he will try to get away with anything and everything so a family would have to be ready for SHIBA PUPPY so he should be ideally with a Shiba-experienced family. He would do great with another Shiba that is happy to have a little brother with all that puppy energy.

For example, Niko’s been picking up rocks on walks but as his foster mom corrects him he’s been getting better about it (without just yet kicking the habit).

His foster mom has reported, “He really is a wonderful and loving dog. He learns very quickly. But he is still in the chewing phase so he can’t be left unattended yet. He likes his crate though. His nipping is almost gone completely. He’s doing really well with all his training. As long as his new owners stay consistent with it he’s going to be a great dog.”

“We are still working on him jumping up on people, trying to run out when a door is opened, stealing food from the table or counter, puppy chewing, etc”

“He has most of the commands. “come” is the only one he struggles with. He does it most of the time but still does choose to ignore it at times. (Typical Shiba!) He knows “off” so when he jumps on people he immediately gets off with the command. He doesn’t do it very often though. He does steal from the table whenever he gets a chance but I try to monitor him closely and if I tell him “no” of “leave it” or “off” when he jumps up, he listens. But left unattended he still will go after anything he can. The chewing is getting better but still is an issue. I think it will definitely wane as he gets older. He’s just still a puppy. Chew toys definitely help and if he’s really worked up a bully stick will occupy him”.

“He learns very quickly, but he displays most of the typical Shiba behavior- stubbornness, independence and pushing boundaries, so it will be crucial to continue the training moving forward and with new people. Once the training is fully established he will be a wonderful dog”.

Written by ZB


  1. I still want him!!! I will fax over the application this week.

  2. Michele says:

    How old is Niko i am a current shiba owner. I adopted a rescue shiba about 6 yrs ago he is 8 and we love him. I had another shiba who got sick and we had to put her to sleep after a long battle with a heart condition. Now the other dog is a lonely. He is very active we and loves other dogs and to play

  3. Michele Scott says:

    Where is Niko located in am in New Jersey

    • We do not disclose locations of our fosters until we have reviewed an application and determined that, among all others, it is the best match for a particular dog.