Annabelle’s August Update

We are so excited to provide you with an update for Annabelle after living in her new foster home for a few months! As previously mentioned, Annabelle lived most of the first few years of her life in a puppy mill so we had a lot to learn about how well she will adjust to her new surroundings and how she will interact with the living beings around her foster home.

Annabelle Looking AroundSince moving into her foster home, Annabelle has shown that she enjoys the company of other dogs and cats. She will even try and play with cats! She is learning how to live the simpler and good life by spending time in the grassy backyard and figuring out how to chew on bones and play with toys. She knows that she’s allowed access to the couch so you’ll often find her laying there with her foster mom during quiet moments. She is affectionate during these moments and will nuzzle into your hand for attention and to be pet.

During a recent vet visit, we were informed of two of Annabelle’s health conditions. She has a pigmented and cloudy right cornea and the diagnosis is phthisis bulbi, a shrunken non-functional eye. This means that Annabelle is unable to see out of her right eye but it is not painful for her nor is it a clinical issue. The vet also found that she has bilateral luxating patellas and is not currently causing her any lameless or pain but if it does develop, she may require surgery.

There are two things that you need to watch out for with Annabelle. The first is making sure that you shuffle your feet when you’re at home so you don’t accidentally step on her. Annabelle really enjoys shadowing her foster mom (except when the vacuum is out) and will often get underfoot. The second thing that you need to be wary of with Annabelle is making sure that she doesn’t follow you out the front door. Since she loves following her foster mom, she will also try to follow her outside without a leash not realizing the difference.

When outside, Annabelle exercises caution when meeting new people. Her foster mom always has treats in hand to help with training and has been passing some of the treats to strangers to give to Annabelle as a way to have her become less wary and better acclimated to meeting new people. They are sometimes even allowed to pet her near the base of her tail! Annabelle is pretty low maintenance and only requires short walks. She has not had the privilege of meeting children yet so we do not know how she would be around children.

Annabelle is a sweetheart and we are so glad to have her as our foster! Check back for more updates.

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