Introducing Nala

nala4Nala is our young at heart 8 years old Shiba who exhibits natural Shiba traits along with her desire to be around people she trusts. She is currently 26 lbs and enjoys walks around the lake near her foster home. Nala will occasionally chase after small creatures that run too close to her during walks but quickly loses interest in them.

Nala feels most comfortable in her crate in her foster home and can be left alone for hours without being destructive. She is currently separated from the resident Shiba in her foster home because of an early dispute though it is unclear who instigated — she seems to be fine around other dogs during outdoor walks. She displays some anxiety and will guard her bones but otherwise sweet.

Stay tuned to learn more about Nala!

  • Nala was born on 01/06/2008
  • She weighs 26 lbs
  • Ideal Adopter Profile
    • Location: a quiet, suburban home
    • People: Shiba-experienced to work with her trust issues
    • Children: NO children
    • Dogs: she doesn’t get along with any dogs
    • Cats: she cannot live with cat(s)

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