Introducing Roxy and Red

This cute Shiba couple is Roxy (left) & Red (right).

Both of these sweet Shiba are 12 years old.

We don’t know a lot about them yet but we do know they’ve lived together most of their lives. Check back soon for more on these two.

Written by JD



  1. Pamela Enloe says:

    Hopefully these are the two that were saved from being put down by their owner because they couldn’t find anyone to take them. So Roxy and Red are in rescue! Are they bonded? Such beauties!!!!!

    • Thank you for your question. Sorry but we do not disclose the origin of our foster dogs.

      Red and Roxy are very bonded and are indeed beautiful.

  2. Christine Gergich says:

    Sooo Beautiful!!!!! Xoxo