Introducing Ryuu

ryuuRyuu will be celebrating his third birthday on Oct 7th. Ryuu takes time to warm up to new people and children tend to make him nervous. Ryuu is an active Shiba who loves going for walks or hikes. He will occupy himself playing with favorite toys and enjoys playing tug of war.

We welcome Ryuu to NYCSR.

Written by JD

Initial Profile
  • Ryuu was born on 10/07/2013
  • He weighs 23 lbs
  • Ideal Adopter Profile
    • Location: suburban or a quiet urban area
    • People: he needs people willing to work on his confidence; he’s scared of new situations and very nervous
    • Children: no children
    • Dogs: may not feel comfortable around rude/high energy dogs
    • Cats: did well with a cat one year ago

Adopt Ryuu


  1. Patricia wolf says:

    Beautiful pics ! I love this breed I have a little 12 year old male named scooter. He will be 13 Jan 1st. He still has his energy doesn’t act old at all. I have had Irish Setters, a Black lab, Westies, yorkie, Rotties and a couple of mixed breeds. But I love the Shiba the most. He is truely my best friend.I am going to be more then devastated when he goes.Maybe I will look you up. Sincerely,Patricia wolf

  2. Manon Anger says:

    So handsome! My husband and I are looking to grow our family and add a Shiba to our 2 Siamese cats. I like that Ryuu has been around cats in the past. Would love to give him a great hone.

    • If you have not yet submitted an application, please do so. The Adoptions team will evaluate your application to determine if your family is a good match for him.