Millie Cardiologist Update

Millie went to the Cardiologist today for a re-evaluation of her congenital cardiac anomalies now that she is full grown and to assess whether surgery and anesthesia can be performed safely. For the most part, Millie’s cardiac condition has not changed. On the plus side based on this, Millie can be cleared to undergo a modified anesthesia. This will allow us to bring her for the CT Scan to assess the next surgical steps for her rear legs. Millie’s CT Scan is scheduled for Saturday.

On the not so great side, Millie still has the leak in her aortic valve which is causing some blood to leak back into her heart after the heart has pumped the blood out to the body. This abnormality can cause gradual and progressive heart enlargement which over time has the potential to result in congestive heart failure 🙁

For now, on to correcting Milie’s congenital rear leg deformities. Stay tuned as we identify the surgical protocol for Millie.

Written by JM

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