Ace’s November Update

img_20160919_170049157You can’t help but want to love Ace when you first meet him. Why? For starters because he’s utterly adorable. Secondly because he is a shy and timid guy who really only wants to be accepted as he is. When he first arrived to his foster home, the sound of his foster mom cutting vegetables would make his tail droop. If she sneezed, he would jump a mile high. Surprisingly enough, Ace is more comfortable outdoors than he is indoors. Over the last few months, his foster family has helped him become more accustomed to the usual indoor noises so that he is not as fearful of those sounds.

When Ace is outdoors on his walks, he is reserved towards strangers. He falls into the Shiba personality that would like to be wooed in a slow and steady manner rather than giving away his affection. He is reported to do well with his recalls both indoors and outdoors.

Ace is one of our special case Shibas. In his x-rays, the veterinarian noticed that both sides of his hips are deformed and requires surgery. Luckily, Ace is a young at 2 years old and recovered well from his first surgery on his left side. The right side of his hip will be operated on in the next coming weeks.

NYC Shiba Rescue is solely run on donations by our generous Shiba fans and supporters. The surgeries for Ace are significant and we are asking for donations to help Ace pay for his surgery so that he may live a full and healthy life. Please donate to NYC Shiba Rescue for Ace through this link:

Thanks for reading about our sweet little Ace!