Introducing Eggnog

Eggnog is fighting cancer. We are doing all we can to help him in that fight.

Eggnog was taken to NYC’s AC&C in Manhattan after being found in the street, severely overweight, not able to stand, with an infection on his belly and his back legs raw with urine stains. We had him transported to one of our trusted vets in Brooklyn to start finding out what was wrong.
After IV fluids, various tests, an ultrasound, and bloodwork, it was diagnosed that Eggnog has cancer. It was found in his blood, his bone marrow and in at least one mass in his spleen. He needed immediate help if he had any chance of survival.

We transferred Eggnog to an Oncologist’s care for her opinion on his options. She confirmed that he was very sick but there was a chance- we could start Chemotherapy immediately and if his numbers started show improvement in the following 48 hours or so, we would know that he could maybe fight this. So we did start that very afternoon and he did start to show improvement!

eggnog4-2Fast forward to now… He’s recently been transported to a temp foster home. He’s continued with Chemo and continues to improve with each blood panel. His next blood test is December 7th and we are still hopeful for continued improvements. He will also have his next ultrasound where we hope to see that the masses found in his spleen have begun to shrink.

As his Oncologist says, he’s not out of the woods yet BUT he’s getting stronger every day. His mobility is improving. Sometimes with assistance of a special support harness, but more and more on his own! His muscles are weak, his knees compromised but we’re working on those too and his will is one of no Shiba that we’ve ever seen who’s been this sick. He’s truly a FIGHTER and couldn’t be more sweet and truly full of life.

eggnog4-3Will you join us on this journey? Treatment is long from over and has already been costly (even with our incredible vet practices’ generosity) but we’re in it for Eggnog. Can you help? Please donate towards his medical care and costs. Your support is appreciated and THANK YOU!

Written by ZB


  1. I love this little guy so much and want to see him get through this hardship. I’m rooting for him from all the way in Florida!! I mean, how can you resist helping a creamie Shiba named Eggnog during the Christmas season?? Please help and join Team Eggnog!!