(Re)Introducing Solo

Solo is a very cute three year old Black and Tan Shiba boy that we adopted out about two years ago. Due to a lot of changes in the family dynamic and home life, Solo was brought back into NYCSR’s foster care. Our commitment is to welcome back any of our dogs back into foster care, and this little one is no exception.

We’re happy to see how well Solo is doing in foster care. He’s loving the long walks and hikes that he’s getting to enjoy. He also has very quickly gotten used to a new routine in his foster home. They have also been working together further on his training and gaining trust with new humans. In the process he’s already made some new friends.

It’s truly a wonderful mutual bond forming! In fact, his foster family has already expressed interest in adopting him, once he’s medically cleared. Along with his vet check, Solo will be getting a dental cleaning done next week.

We’re very excited for him and happy to have him back! Check back for more updates on Solo in his very own Foster-to-Adopt home 🙂

Written by ZB