Say Hello to Mako!

This adorable boy is 1 year old Mako! Mako knows basic commands as he’s had puppy obedience classes and has been socialized with people, children & dogs (He immediately made friends with the yellow Lab who lives on the other side of the fence).

He loves to give kisses and play with his water bottle toys as well as fetch a ball but will also chill out on the floor where he can keep a watch on what his foster family is up to.

Mako is in a Foster To Adopt home. We are NOT accepting applications for him.

Written by JD


  1. Jeannie fischer says:

    Hello Mako, we are interested to adopt you as soon as our16 1/2 years old dog to be gone anytime now and we recently lost our 7 months old shiba inu on Christmas Eve, so we have a couple of questions to ask you, Mako ! Do you like to ride in a car because I took my shiba inu named Milkbone almost everywhere with me and even to go fishing together! Other question is why did your owner gave you up? I understand that you like cats and what about rabbits ? We have 7 cats and 3 rabbits ! We are looking forward to meeting you and hope you like us! Your friend Jeannie fischer