Eulogy to Sheba

When ‘Rescue’ means ‘Hospice’.

Sheba touched every heart she met and her story will forever remind us why our rescue efforts are so important. The final year of her life was one full of care, adoration, respect and love thanks entirely to the continuous efforts of our volunteers, two of them in particular.

Sheba was actually blessed to have two ‘moms’ while in our care. Tracy (Mom #1) lept immediately into action when she heard about Sheba and pulled her from AC&C with very little notice. Next she ensured that Sheba was visiting the best specialists to treat and stabilize her medical condition as much as possible. As her quality of life improved, so did Sheba’s spirits!

Julia (Mom #2) took over from there, giving Sheba a soft spot to land and a home for her remaining days.  An entire household fell in love immediately.  Sheba played with her new fur-siblings, made friends and simply enjoyed a well-deserved spoiling until her very last day. In the house she came to know as home, Sheba very calmly, peacefully, and with the utmost love, was freed of the pain that her failing body had given her to bear as she was cradled in Julia’s loving arms.

There are no words to express the level of gratitude that we have towards these two amazing women; and indeed all of the volunteers that make rescue possible, we can only say ‘Thank You’. These simple words fall short. Each of these volunteers understands that “please save this sweet girl” means work and sometimes, sadly, even hospice care. These volunteers continually offer homes, time, love and service to beautiful pups like Sheba; efforts that make all the difference to our dogs and to us.  We cannot be grateful enough.

Sheba will never be forgotten. Our little bean defied the odds, she never gave up, and neither will we. We love you little one.

If you think you would like to volunteer for NYC Shiba Rescue and help dogs like Sheba, please let us follow the link below. Thank you.