Say Hello To Little Pelusa

This cute, petite girl is Pelusa which means Fluffy in Spanish.

At only 10 lbs, Pelusa is a cuddler who gets along with children, dogs & cats. Pelusa loves playing with small furry squeaky toys, rolling on her back while playing with them in her paws. She is also a good escape artist and because of her size, extra care is needed to keep her safe.

Written by JD


  1. Hello! How old is Pelusa?

  2. Chris Archer says:

    Hi, is Pelusa still available? I live in South Philadelphia and would like to adopt a Shiba.

  3. Michelle Rivas says:


    The profile says it’s unknown if she gets along with cats but the blog post says she is good with cats. Can you confirm whether she does or doesn’t get along with cats? How is she with them?


  4. If we are thinking of adopting her, can we possibly see her first before we get her? And I have a little 4 year old cavapoo, would she get along with my other dog?

    • Sorry but to meet any of our dogs you must first submit an application. After the application is reviewed and processed, if NYCSR determines that you, among all applicants, are the best match to a dog then we arrange a meeting. Please, visit this page for a detailed description of NYCSR’s adoption process.