Oh, Fonzo…

Whenever we speak with Fonzo’s foster mom, it is apparent that his is a mix in every way. He is a mix of Shiba Inu, silliness, separation anxiety, playfulness, challenging behaviors, and oh, some really great, newly cleaned teeth!

After only a month of taking medication for his anxiety, Fonzo has shown noteable improvement. As a result, his training is now progressing and he’s showing great promise. ¬†An ideal adopter for this boy is someone experienced with primitive breeds, like Shibas, who is also willing to work with him to help him become the dog he wants to be. Consistent positive reinforcement training is proving to be very effective so experience with this method is also important.

Fonzo is actually pretty ‘chill’ when he’s out walking with his foster mom and the sights and sounds of other dogs, cars, and people don’t bother him. ¬†However, he barks when left alone so it’s not recommended he be placed with someone living in an apartment or a more densely populated area. “Oh, Fonzo!”

Fonzo is looking for a Foster-to-Adopt placement or his Furever home, so if you are interested in really making a difference in a dog’s life, please click the link below!