Say Hello to Chadwick

Chadwick (Chaddy)

Chaddy joined NYCSR this past weekend.

He is an almost 4 year old, 24 lb sesame boy who loves getting attention. He wasn’t happy sharing his space with a young child in his previous home.

Chaddy loves hiking, going to the dog park and playing fetch.

Written by JD
Chadwick is in a foster to adopt home.
We are NOT accepting applications to adopt him.


  1. Jonu Levinu says:

    Question: If Chadwick is in a “foster to adopt” home, how come you are not accepting adoption applications? I’m new to this, so I’m confused. You have a few other dogs that the same message comes up… Can you please explain. Thanks.

    • Hello Jonu!
      Dogs that are in “Foster to Adopt” homes are with families who have signed up to be fosters and have expressed that they would like to adopt their foster dog.
      We invite you to fill out a foster application if you would also like to “Foster to Adopt”.
      Thank you!