This is Nala


Two year old Nala was transported to her foster home last month.

Nala is weary of meeting new people, especially men and children.

She is also good at escaping.

Nala loves playing with tennis balls and is not good around cats.

Written by JD


  1. Jennifer Shen says:

    Dear Shiba rescue group,

    I live in a city on my own in an dog friendly apartment. I also lives few blocks from a dog park. I do have a job so no one will be at home 10 to 6pm. I used to foster shibas and raised my brother’s shiba. Would I be considered as adoptive family for Nala? I have submitted application in the past without answer, so my question is if a shiba savvy working professional be able to adopt cute shiba like Nala?


  2. Hello! I’d just like to know if she is good with other dogs because I have a 3 year old Pomeranian and he’s very friendly. I hope she is because I feel like they’d be perfect together. Can you guys also tell me how her height and weight please? Thank you.

    • As described in her profile, we are still learning how she interacts with dogs. We’ll update when we have a clear idea.