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December Update for Mia

Look at that cute face! Mia is having a great time in her foster home. Her foster family sent us an update and told us that Mia is happy, having fun, and showing some shiba traits as she comes out of her shell. She’s still shy in public places but at home she’s showing some […]

December update for Scrappy

Scrappy is a social and happy boy. He’s having fun with his foster family and celebrated his third birthday recently.

A Brief Update on Ninja

Ninja has been having fun… and we are always glad to hear that our shibas and fosters are having fun together. Although Ninja was on anxiety medication, it seems like it isn’t something he will need to keep taking as long as his routine is active, engaging, and he gets used to the loud noises […]

Roscoe’s June update

Roscoe is enjoying the start of summer with his foster family. They have described him as an older shiba who adamantly believes he’s still a puppy. He’s very loyal to his humans, and listens to them with 100% perfect attention. They believe from the way he’s gotten used to them and bonded that he would […]

Introducing Ninja!

Say hello to Ninja, a young male shiba who is 1 yr old but will be turning 2 in September. He was born on Sept 27, 2011. Ninja was surrendered to us because of a change in the family dynamics of his house. He is a lovable boy but needs some time to warm up […]

Introducing Hana!

Hana means Flower. If you meet her you will know why. She’s a very sweet & gentle girl who has a quiet way about her. Hana is about 3 years old, and shy but is warming up to her foster mom more and more each day. She loves to go on walks and visiting the […]

Latest News on Guiness

Guinness’s leg is still not completely healed after the surgery to correct an old fracture. He is still not using it all the time but doesn’t seem to be in pain. He’s still active and very much a puppy in his behaviors and silliness. He loves people and has become quite a snuggly guy. Guiness […]

Say Hello to Spartacus!

Spartacus hails from Long Island, NY and is a happy boy! He was loved by his former owner but with a change in work schedule and time being limited, it became hard to give Spartacus the attention and love he needed. He’s up to date on vaccines and is neutered and has had his coat […]

April Update for Roscoe

We are very happy to announce that Roscoe has lost weight and is now 34 lbs. He’s reached what looks to be a great weight for his size. He is also shedding like it is his new job! His fosters have told us that Roscoe is a playful puppy who loves to nap. They believe […]

Starlight’s April Update

Starlight has been having fun with her foster family and getting healthier. Her skin and dandruff problem seems to have disappeared now that she’s eating better food. This week she gets spayed and we know she’ll be fine. Starlight is a high energy gal with a sweet demeanor. She’s super curious and has a nose […]

Rina’s April Update

Ms. Rina has been creating a wish list… one of those is unending pets and love. The other is a furever home. Her foster mom, Judy, told us that Rina has been about the same from last month – still cute, still affectionate, and still a sweet girl. Rina knows when it’s time for her […]

An Update for Mystie

Mystie aka Maisy has started showing some more discomfort lately. Her arthritis seems to have flared up some this past month. She’s still taking her medicine and still seems to be very very happy, but she’s uncomfortable and we are crossing our fingers that this will pass. Her foster mom told us that Maisy is […]

March Update for Rina

Rina has started shedding and is anticipating warmer weather. She’s been doing well, health-wise, a trip the vet showed that her kidney functions are now normal and she lost about 1/2 a pound. Rina has a cyst on her back but it isn’t anything to worry about. The great news is that Rina no longer […]

Introducing Max

Max is a 2 year old cream Shiba that was surrendered to the Manhattan Animal Care & Control Facility after a life outside. Poor boy was super dirty when we pulled him and so scared at first! His foster family has told us that Max is a total sweetheart. He was anxious at first, understandably, […]

Quick update for Mystie

Mystie aka Maisy is doing well wit her fosters. She still is timid around strangers and can become extremely anxious around new people in the house. Her foster is working with her and has friends stop by, goes for walks, and is continuing to expose Mystie to new people to help ease her uncertainty about […]

Roscoe’s February Update

Roscoe is doing really well, his foster family told us that the glucosamine and salmon oil has been helping him and his hips must be feeling better because now he zooms up the stairs! Roscoe also was checked out to see why he sometimes pees in his sleep but we found out he doesn’t need […]

Introducing Posie

Posie is our newest NYCSR foster dog and we are very happy to have her. She is about 8 years old – BLIND – and was found on streets in Philadelphia and taken to the shelter. We don’t know her history and she isn’t going to tell us just yet but, wow, is she a […]

Introducing Inuyasha!

Inuyasha is a 6 month old male shiba who is having a lot of fun with his foster family. He’s neutered and up to date with vaccines and is very friendly and playful. Inuyasha likes everyone he has meets and is crate-trained, walks well on a leash, and is curious about the world around him. […]

Introducing Starlight!

Starlight is a very beautiful female shiba mix who was found as a stray. She’s approximately 2 years old and is good physical health. From what her fosters can tell, the time she was out on the streets made her fearful of loud noises and being alone. Starlight has separation anxiety and doesn’t like being […]

Introducing Akimi

Akimi is extremely affectionate and playful and came to us because her owners were no longer able to care for her. She’s crate-trained and knows a few commands. She is also friendly with adults and children. Some of Akimi’s favorites activities include playing fetch, tugging on a toy with her fosters holding the other end, […]