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Ace’s November Update

You can’t help but want to love Ace when you first meet him. Why? For starters because he’s utterly adorable. Secondly because he is a shy and timid guy who really only wants to be accepted as he is. When he first arrived to his foster home, the sound of his foster mom cutting vegetables […]

Fonzo’s November Update

Back in July we introduced our foster, Fonzo, who is a sweet and loving who we learned is very active and will give all his attention to his primary caregiver. Since then, he has been consistent with that energy and love! During moments when Fonzo is left alone, he can become anxious and act on […]

Help Our Sweet Sheba!

This post is a plea to our Shiba loving public to allow Sheba to spend her last months with you. Sheba requires a home where she is able to receive her medication throughout the day and a yard to relieve herself. In the last 2 weeks or so her fosters have started to notice that […]

Introducing Nala

Nala is our young at heart 8 years old Shiba who exhibits natural Shiba traits along with her desire to be around people she trusts. She is currently 26 lbs and enjoys walks around the lake near her foster home. Nala will occasionally chase after small creatures that run too close to her during walks […]

Annabelle’s August Update

We are so excited to provide you with an update for Annabelle after living in her new foster home for a few months! As previously mentioned, Annabelle lived most of the first few years of her life in a puppy mill so we had a lot to learn about how well she will adjust to […]

Bruno’s May Update

In the past month that Bruno has been in our foster care, we’ve learned that his personality matches that silly puppy face of his. Bruno is a young Shiba mix and approximately 30 lbs. His foster family, particularly foster mom, has bonded deeply with him and he gets along well with the other dogs in […]

Kobe’s May Update

Kobe is tall for his age and because of that people think that he is older but in reality, Kobe just turned one! When his foster family describes his personality, we can tell that Kobe is a really fun and lovable puppy who is just looking for his forever home! Puppy behavior always brings smiles to […]

Akira’s April Update

When I read Akira’s foster family’s initial status report for him, it sounds like he is treating his foster home like a wilderness where he is the king. Akira likes to perch on top of the couch to watch the activities outdoor during the day and retreat to his cave under the bed at night […]

An Update for Zoey!

We introduced Zoey into her new foster home earlier this month and have learned a lot about her personality in a week. She is a 6 years old Shiba who recently received a clean bill of health from the vet and weighs approximately 30 lbs. Zoey is best described as a cat in a dog’s […]

Hubby’s March Update

Hubby is a social butterfly that doesn’t like to be left alone. He loves meeting new people and being around fellow canine friends but is known to snore at night.

Hubby’s December Update

We’ve learned so much about Hubby since he was placed into his caring foster home and can’t wait to share this update with you!

Peaches’ November Update

Princess Peaches is a homebody who loves giving attention as much as she does receiving. She is doing well in her foster home and is a mellow and healthy young Shiba.

Sammy’s November Update

Sammy has been in his foster home for almost a month now and his foster family shared a great deal about his personality. During this time, Sammy also went for his first vet visit for a general check up and updates on his vaccinations. He has some loss of fur from his hind legs from flea […]

Dakota’s October Update

Dakota, our Queens girl, came to us as a stray and is thriving in her foster home! She has a lot of affection and love to share with the world and enjoys chasing after outdoor creatures!

Mojo’s October Update

A short and sweet update for Mojo!

Meech’s Adventures (and October Update!)

Meech has adjusted well to his foster home after a month of living with them and is always on the lookout for new adventures! He’s a skilled counter-surfer, stylist, and play buddy. When he is not out living his Shiba life, Meech will relax and show his more loving side at home.

Scrappy’s September Update

Scrappy is a spirited 3.5 year old cream Shiba who loves to greet humans and other dogs. He enjoys his walks and is the friendliest Shiba around town!

Mojo’s Latest Update

Mojo is an incredible Shiba and quite a mellow fellow with a funny quirk. Read his latest update to find out how well he’s been and discover what his quirky behavior is!

Apache’s May Update

Apache had a wonderful month with his foster family playing with other dogs and a cat! He is a quick learner and has a lot of puppy energy to expend.

Foxy’s May Update

Foxy has shown massive improvements in weight and behavior since we placed her into her foster family’s home!