07/10 Chad Update

Chad continues to do great in his foster home, he is such a good boy. Earlier this month, Foster mom Irma ‘gave him a bath and he was FABULOUS! No Shiba scream, no scratching- he was an angel’. She brushes him at the dog run where ‘he sits down like a furry gentlemen and welcomed […]

Chad Update, May 30th

Chad is doing really well in foster care and we’re getting a good idea of what his perfect forever home should look like. For the first week that he was with us, he didn’t show any signs of separation anxiety at all. His previous owners had warned us that he has accidents inside when left […]

Introducing Chad

Chad recently turned six years old. He is healthy and neutered and VERY sweet. When I went to pick him up, he snuggled up next to me like he’d known me for years. Chad has been very well taken care of… our first foster dog that we know actually had a really good life before […]