Fuji Update

Recently, we heard from Fuji’s new owner – Maria – who reports that Fuji and her cat, Mojave, are amazing but also a handful. “They aren’t exactly the best of friends, but they’ve gotten used to and accepted each other.” She also hopes to make it Shiba meetups in the summer and sent us this […]

Fuji’s Foster Mom Never Stood a Chance

Maria fell in love with Fuji from the very beginning. As of tonight, she’s no longer her FOSTER mom. Now she’s her FOREVER mom. 🙂 Congratulations Maria and Fuji.

Introducing Fuji

Say hello to Fuji! She’s a very well behaved 5 year old who is spayed, microchipped, good with kids, babies, cats, and other dogs. Her former owners’ wanted to find her the best home possible as they were not able to give her the time and attention they know she deserves. Upon evaluation, our Intake […]