Hero is Our Hero

Hero’s adoption was finalized today. And Terra didn’t even cry! That is all. 🙂

07/08 Hero Update

Hero is currently being fostered in Queens while foster mom, Michele, is away on her honeymoon. Boy, he’s just fit right in. Foster dad Jesse says, ‘He’s REALLY made himself at home and has really bonded with both of us. He follows me EVERYWHERE! He LOVES to sleep on me, too…hahaha! On my feet, resting […]

Updated Photo of Hero

The change in Hero in foster care has been amazing. Check out these "before and after" photos.

Hero Update 5/31

Hero is a wonderful Shiba. He has made himself one of the pack with my 3 other dogs. They all have seemed to iron out all of their issues with each other and are getting along quite nicely. If other dogs are okay with Hero, Hero seems to be okay with them. Hero can still […]

Hero Update 5/7

Hero is doing great:)  He recovered quickly from his surgery and is running around like a champ.  His strength and energy level has continuously improved over the past few weeks.  He is eating a lot and is looking than ever!  He really enjoys long walks and loves meeting new people.  He was at the dog […]

April 18th Hero Update

From Foster Mom, Michele: Hero is continuing to improve.  He is walking much better. We have gone on a couple long walks and he seems to love it!  He is such a sweet boy and gets along with my other Shibas, Cody and Kylie.  Hero is staring to play more and seems happy just to […]

April 13th Hero Update

Hero is doing great. His legs are healing and he is walking and running better everyday. (When I first picked him up he could barely stand). He is eating well and gaining weight. He is going back to the vet on the 17th for another evaulation…which I think he will pass with flying colors. His […]

Visiting With Hero

On April 6th, I went to visit with Hero, Foster Mom Terra, and Cadence (her black and tan, female Shiba). I couldn’t believe how much better Hero already looked. He was so alert and walking so much more normally! He LOVES to be petted, rubbed, and brushed. Terra has been giving him doggie massages, which […]

Introducing Hero

This was the first picture we saw of Hero. On March 29th I received an email that had been forwarded through a couple different Shiba rescue contacts. This poor guy was in a shelter. He’d been hit by a car and the shelter was looking for someone "in rescue" to take him off their hands […]