Alumni Updates for Nami, Ginger, and Gigi

Michele and Steve, two of our NYCSR volunteers, recently told us how their pups have been doing. They adopted 3 from NYCSR and have 2 other inus. It’s a furry furry loving house! Nami was our first foster for NYCSR back in June of 2007. He’s come a long way from his scared, skittish days. […]

Happy Tails: Ginger and Nami

One of our volunteers, Michele, and her husband adopted 2 shibas from NYCSR and gave us an update on their furry friends as well. The two cream colored shibas were adopted from us. The one on the left is Ginger and the right is Nami. The red shibas are Happy, top left, and Shabu. Nami […]

Crazy Nami Update

So, for anyone that hasn’t been watching the comments, the big news of the day is that Nami (was Cream Boy) dashed out the door and took his foster parents for a nice long chase today!

Introducing Cream Boy (Name Pending)

Cream Boy came from a kill shelter in NJ yesterday. He came into the shelter as a stray, so we don’t know his history. They’d adopted him out once but he was returned immediately, supposedly because he wasn’t housebroken. No one else had shown any interest in him and time was running short. We were […]