08/09 Molly Update

Yay! Molly has left the hospital after a month of wonderful treatment and she looks FANTASTIC! She’s been transported to her very own foster home & is loving every second of it! We’re happy to report that her Sarcoptic Mange has been successfully treated & the fur on her ears, legs and around her eyes […]

07/31 Roxy Update

In a foster home with a 12 year old female Chihuahua and a 4 year old male Min Pin, Roxy has settled in quite nicely! In fact, Foster mom Phoebe reported to us one morning that “She and the Min Pin were actually sleeping together on the same bed with me this morning =).” We […]

Introducing Molly

Molly is a very sweet & friendly 3 1/2 year old girl. Her previous owners contacted NYCSR as a last resort. They were surrendering Molly due to previously diagnosed food allergies and did not want her to end up in a shelter. The frequent trips to their vet for injections were time consuming and an […]

Hero is Our Hero

Hero’s adoption was finalized today. And Terra didn’t even cry! That is all. 🙂

Crazy Nami Update

So, for anyone that hasn’t been watching the comments, the big news of the day is that Nami (was Cream Boy) dashed out the door and took his foster parents for a nice long chase today!

Blueberry Update

Blueberry (now Kodi) went to his new home a few weeks ago and is loving life with his new family, especially his “sister” Tika. I saw Kodi at a Shiba Meetup a week or so after his adoption was finalized and he was definitely a happy boy. Yay Blueberry, uh, I mean Kodi!

Updated Photos of Sissy

Sissy is doing great in foster care. She’s a real sweetie and definitely ready for her forever home.

Introducing Roxy

Roxy recently arrived at a no kill shelter in NJ as a stray. We normally only work with shelters where dogs are in immediate danger, but the Operations Supervisor at this shelter was concerned because Roxy was becoming quite anxious in the kennels. She contacted Shiba rescue about finding a foster or permanent home for […]

07/10 Chad Update

Chad continues to do great in his foster home, he is such a good boy. Earlier this month, Foster mom Irma ‘gave him a bath and he was FABULOUS! No Shiba scream, no scratching- he was an angel’. She brushes him at the dog run where ‘he sits down like a furry gentlemen and welcomed […]

07/10 Sissy Update

Sissy is doing really well in her new foster home as an only dog. After getting settled it’s clear to see that she really excels on her own as she was becoming a bit too bossy to the other dogs that she was living with. Foster mom Michelle says, ‘Sissy’s doing great. I’ve discovered she […]

07/08 Hero Update

Hero is currently being fostered in Queens while foster mom, Michele, is away on her honeymoon. Boy, he’s just fit right in. Foster dad Jesse says, ‘He’s REALLY made himself at home and has really bonded with both of us. He follows me EVERYWHERE! He LOVES to sleep on me, too…hahaha! On my feet, resting […]

June 25 Cody Update

The latest update on Cody from Sara: We have been working on Cody’s separation anxiety and it is much better. Last night was the big test as we took Tiki to a class and left Cody alone and uncrated for about 90 minutes. While he whined a little when we first left, our neighbors said […]

Updated Photo of Hero

The change in Hero in foster care has been amazing. Check out these "before and after" photos.

Introducing Cream Boy (Name Pending)

Cream Boy came from a kill shelter in NJ yesterday. He came into the shelter as a stray, so we don’t know his history. They’d adopted him out once but he was returned immediately, supposedly because he wasn’t housebroken. No one else had shown any interest in him and time was running short. We were […]

Introducing Cody

Cody is about 18 months old and comes from upstate New York. From what we were told, his previous owners surrendered him to a shelter where he was adopted out to a family with a handicapped child. This family allowed their child to walk Cody on a leash alone. One day Cody saw another dog, […]

Hero Update 5/31

Hero is a wonderful Shiba. He has made himself one of the pack with my 3 other dogs. They all have seemed to iron out all of their issues with each other and are getting along quite nicely. If other dogs are okay with Hero, Hero seems to be okay with them. Hero can still […]

Chad Update, May 30th

Chad is doing really well in foster care and we’re getting a good idea of what his perfect forever home should look like. For the first week that he was with us, he didn’t show any signs of separation anxiety at all. His previous owners had warned us that he has accidents inside when left […]

Introducing Sissy

Sissy was found wandering around in Huntington Station, NY, in early May. Lucky for her she was found by a real dog lover who took her home and took care of her while searching for her owner. No one ever claimed Sissy, so now she’s in foster care and looking for a new home. I […]

May 28th Blueberry Update

Blueberry is doing great in foster care. He is just about all healed from his neutering and ready for adoption! His foster mom says that his personality has really come alive since his arrival. He’s now eating very well and learning sit, stay & come to name a few. As a testament to his sweet […]

Introducing Chad

Chad recently turned six years old. He is healthy and neutered and VERY sweet. When I went to pick him up, he snuggled up next to me like he’d known me for years. Chad has been very well taken care of… our first foster dog that we know actually had a really good life before […]