Suzie’s first trip to the beach

Suzie is all Shiba when it comes to water.  She walked as far away from the edge of the water as possible on the beach and did not like it at all when we dipped her feet in the water… ok, ok, we picked her up and tossed her in.. 🙂 She did love romping […]

Suzie has a Home

We’ve had our first volunteer “fail fostering 101” by deciding to adopt her foster dog. Suzie will be staying with Gloria (and Tomo). We couldn’t be happier for Suzie. She was our FIRST foster dog and we get to keep her in the family! 🙂

Suzie at the Dog Run

Suzie and Tomo came to the dog run to play with Snickers today. Suzie did much better with other dogs than we expected. She and Snickers got into it again, but it was mostly noise and teeth… looked scary but no damage done. She’s a fiesty little thing, but a GOOD girl really. I think […]

Suzie Update

Suzie is now fully recovered from her surgery. She is such a strong girl with an amazing attitude. Not once did she complain about her pain or even try to pull at the stitches despite the difficult operation she’d had. During the first week or so, Suzie had quite a lot of nervous energy, which […]

Visiting With Suzie

On April 1st, Snickers and I went to visit Suzie, Foster Mom Gloria, and Tomo (Gloria’s black and tan, male Shiba). When Snick ran into the apartment all Shiba-hell broke loose as Suzie immediately tried to stand on his back and Snickers SOOOOO hates that. He is a nice boy, but he just won’t tolerate […]

Introducing Suzie

Ah Suzie… the dog that started it all! On March 24th a local rescuer in Long Island saw a Shiba in a shelter and contacted Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue through a form on their website, looking for someone to get this sweet girl so she’d be safe. Michelle at MSIR forwarded the message to me, […]