Wonderful Ms Bea

Rescued in 2008 after living her whole life on a chain, Bea is estimated to be 18 years old now and lives the life of a spoiled princess. Talk about a rescue success story!

Goodbye Sweet Candy Cane

Goodbye sweet Candy Cane. You have added a little bit of something to everyone you met. You will always be loved.

Goodbye to an NYCSR Alum

We rescued 10-year-old Jack from the Bucks County SPCA in Pennsylvania in the Autumn of 2008. We learned from Walter yesterday that Jack has passed away.

Alumni Updates for Nami, Ginger, and Gigi

Michele and Steve, two of our NYCSR volunteers, recently told us how their pups have been doing. They adopted 3 from NYCSR and have 2 other inus. It’s a furry furry loving house! Nami was our first foster for NYCSR back in June of 2007. He’s come a long way from his scared, skittish days. […]

Alumni Shiba: Nikko

Shanna, Nikko’s forever home mom, emailed us to let us know that Nikko is the most fantastic dog ever. She said he is super intelligent and learns commands quickly (with treats of course!). They live in Williamsburg and he has a back yard that he just loves to hang out in. He is a bit […]

Happy Tails: Ginger and Nami

One of our volunteers, Michele, and her husband adopted 2 shibas from NYCSR and gave us an update on their furry friends as well. The two cream colored shibas were adopted from us. The one on the left is Ginger and the right is Nami. The red shibas are Happy, top left, and Shabu. Nami […]

Update on Barbie!

One of the great perks about working with NYCSR is that you get emails now and then of dogs that have been adopted. We recently heard from Barbie’s forever home and she’s living the life! She looks amazing, happy, and comfortable. It’s an amazing transformation from the scared and shy looking dog we took in. […]

Adopted Shiba Barbie and her trip to a Japanese Garden

Barbie’s family took their dogs to a Japanese Garden in Portland, CT and let us know that Barbie and Caleb were perfect. They walked around, explored, and were well-behaved. The gentleman who built the garden was amazed at the dogs and how nice and pleasant it was to see well-balanced and sweet dogs walking around. […]

Update for Clay and Zucca

Clay and Zucca were adopted by their foster dad, Rain, back December. Recently, we were sent an update and some photos of the dogs, who are now called Betsy and Kit. Rain told us that they are doing great and have a shiba friend who sometimes stays with them. Kit’s fur has come in nicely […]

Barbie and Caleb

Barbie loves the snow and is happy that another holiday is upon us, it means she might be able to get some good food or treats and lots of presents! Her owners sent us a few pics of her and her friend Caleb.

Nicco's new home

Nicco was adopted back in June and has been having a great time with his forever family. We received this photograph of Nicco playing in the snow that fell last week in NJ. He looks happy and healthy!

Nikko's update

Nikko has been coming out of shell and can be a super sweet and loving dog. He’s warmed up and relaxed in his foster home. His foster mom has nothing but great things to say about him and loves that he will walk over with a toy in his mouth to her asking to play […]

Barbie’s First Thanksgiving

Barbie is doing well in her new home. She has 2 friends – a canine and feline. Her new forever home sent us a few pictures.

Kit's update for November

Kit aka Clay is having fun with his foster dad, Rain. Kit and Zucca are now being fostered together and it’s helped Kit learn some good behaviors like going into his crate without a fuss. He also has a friend to play with and seems very happy. Kit’s gained some weight and his fur is […]

Zucca's November Update

Zucca is being fostered by Rain and lives with Clay aka Kit now. This has been a great match, both dogs love playing together and hanging out. Zucca has helped Kit like his crate and understand what it’s for and Kit has shown Zucca what it means to be housebroken. Overall, they are a lot […]

Update for Ashitaka

Ashitaka is doing very well with foster mom, Molly. He’s still aloof, cautious, and gentle but as the days progress he’s trusting her more and more. Sometimes he still gets very nervous but he’s learning to trust a little more each day. She’s still working and reinforcing basic obedience. From what we have been told […]

Bean's adoption day!

Bean was adopted last week and we have the pics to prove it. We are all going to miss Bean but very happy for her.   

Sasha update

Sasha is 18 lbs. and in excellent shape. Her teeth have been ignored and now they are clean and white, she lets her foster parents scrape the plaque off and brush them with very little resistance. She is a very sweet quiet little girl. She loves attention and is independent at times. Sasha is working […]

Candy update

Candy has gained about 3 pounds and is very healthy. Her coat is improving and she is shedding a lot. Her personality is very laid back. She is not good with new people because she is scared, but is getting better. She is very calm and playful with her foster mom. Candy’s personality has changed […]

Introducing Sasha

Sasha is a 3 year old, tri-color, female shiba who weighs about 17 lbs and needs a new forever home. She’s spayed, up-to-date with vaccines, and is spayed. She’s a friendly and quiet dog who loves to go for walks and rides in the car. She gets along with dogs at the dog park but […]