Paulie update for August

Paulie is doing wonderfully. He was recently neutered and is recovering with his foster family. Paulie is being worked on with his leash training and not jumping on everyone when they enter the house. Leash training is going well and he is almost perfect; he stops when I stop and occasionally pulls when he really […]

Rusty update 8/6/08

Rusty has been neutered and microchipped and is enjoying his days as a “new yawker.” He is a very mellow dog in the house but does get excited when its time to go for a walk, and sometimes zooms around the apartment when his foster mom comes home. His foster mom told us, Rusty‚Äôs personality […]


Toshi is now Ashitaka (Asheetaka)! Ashitaka’s foster mom found that he responded to that name better than Toshi. Now to find his forever home.

August update for Bailey

Bailey is doing very well in his foster home. He currently weighs 30 lbs. He is very friendly with the other dogs in his foster home as well as when he is out for a walk or in a dog run. Bailey hasn’t shown any aggression toward strangers, although he hasn’t been tested with children […]


Rusty’s foster mom shared this pic with us, he’s looking so happy and healthy in his foster home. She also told us that he’s just so cute, I think he’s won her heart!

Cinnamon and his new home!

We had to share this pic of Cinnamon, he looks so happy and great.

Introducing Toshi

Toshi was rescued from a Pennsylvania City shelter. He is around 4 years old and weighs 35 lbs. He was a street dog and has little to no knowledge of living in a house. He has taken very well to crate training. All other training is slow and steady. He does not learn as quickly […]

Introducing Bailey

Bailey is about 2 yrs old and is a tri-color male shiba. He is a very friendly and playful dog, good with strangers, affectionate, gentle, and allows himself to be handled by people. He needs a new home though because he can be stubborn and has been known to become aggressive when he has an […]

Update on Paulie

Paulie is very friendly with the other dog in his home. The both have to say hi to any dog they see during walks. Paulie is friendly with people, but still a little leery of men, and he has been great with his foster mom’s 15 month old niece. Yay! Paulie is not toy aggressive, […]

Prince Update

Prince’s foster mom Molly told us that Prince is a big sweet baby of a shiba. He needs an owner who is both patient and persistent. He is very smart and active and needs an owner who will keep him busy. Prince’s training is coming along, his manners are improving and he’s getting better every […]

Rusty update

Rusty is out of the vet and in his new foster home. So far, so good. Rusty is getting along well with his foster family. He has some aggression toward other dogs on walks and tends to lunge and bark at them, but his foster mom is working with him on this. Otherwise, Rusty is […]

Paulie Update

Paulie is settling in nicely at his foster home. He has a friend and is very affectionate with his foster family. He doesn’t like cars whizzing by when he’s out for a walk, they make him nervous – but he does like car rides. Here’s a few pics of Paulie and his friend Adrienne:   […]

Tiki Update 6/24

Tiki is doing very well. He has a nice soft coat which if anything has gotten softer. Tiki is very playful, loves playing with Sofie. He is high energy and inquisitive. Tiki has really improved with giving up items he sees as valuable. Over the last couple weeks, I have been able to take things […]

Nicco update

Nicco is doing very well. He is now 40 lbs. He is a good weight for his size, but if he ever gets overweight, he’ll have trouble with a grade II luxating patella, so it’s important he stays trim. Nicco also seems to suffer from allergies. Nicco is a great dog and he loves human […]

Latest news on Prince

Prince has recently moved to a new foster home. So far things are going well. He’s learning to not snap and is not as cautious around people in the house; he’s learning to relax and adjust to being in a home. He’s learning better manners everyday and has playtime so it helps relieve his stress […]

Introducing Paulie

Meet Paulie. Paulie was found as a stray in Long Island and brought to the local town shelter. He’s got a great personality and gets along with dogs and cats (as you can see in the pic). Paulie is young, most likely around 9 or 10 months of age. Keep checking back for more info.

Rusty Update

A few days ago one of our NYCSR volunteers headed out to see Rusty and gave us this update: Last Sunday I went to West Hills to visit Bea & Rusty. Rusty came out first. He ran over to me with a huge Shiba smile and a happily wagging tail. He showered me with a […]

Clay update

Clay is called Kit and he’s been doing great. Recently, he met Zucca and spent about a week with her. His foster dad, Rain, told us that Zucca brought a lot of joy to the house. Kit loved having a buddy around the house and seemed to learn things from her. Zucca always walked into […]

Marley (aka Zeus) has a new home

We got an update from Zeus’ new owners: Zeus (who we’re calling Marley now) is settled in and bonding well with my wife and I. He loves to have his belly scratched, and charms everyone he meets. After a walk or run he’s usually happy to sack out in his pet bed, though we’ve gotten […]

Introducing Prince

Prince is a 3 year old big boy. He is tall and at least 35 lbs. He was surrendered to the rescue when his original family decided to have a baby. He is a little nervous around new situations and cautious around strangers. Since his old home is all he knew, it is taking him […]