New pics of Paulie

Paulie’s foster mom Courtney says Paulie is doing great! Here’s some photos she sent us: Click the photo to enlarge

Paulie update for August

Paulie is doing wonderfully. He was recently neutered and is recovering with his foster family. Paulie is being worked on with his leash training and not jumping on everyone when they enter the house. Leash training is going well and he is almost perfect; he stops when I stop and occasionally pulls when he really […]

Update on Paulie

Paulie is very friendly with the other dog in his home. The both have to say hi to any dog they see during walks. Paulie is friendly with people, but still a little leery of men, and he has been great with his foster mom’s 15 month old niece. Yay! Paulie is not toy aggressive, […]

Paulie Update

Paulie is settling in nicely at his foster home. He has a friend and is very affectionate with his foster family. He doesn’t like cars whizzing by when he’s out for a walk, they make him nervous – but he does like car rides. Here’s a few pics of Paulie and his friend Adrienne:   […]

Introducing Paulie

Meet Paulie. Paulie was found as a stray in Long Island and brought to the local town shelter. He’s got a great personality and gets along with dogs and cats (as you can see in the pic). Paulie is young, most likely around 9 or 10 months of age. Keep checking back for more info.