Prince Update 9/5/08

Prince’s foster mom gave us a quick update on his progress with other dogs. She said: Prince’s really mellowed out, he likes to make himself comfortable on the loveseat with Akira and they both of them enjoy short naps throughout the day and playing in the dog park. Prince is still a bit of a […]

Prince Update

Prince is doing very well, and his foster parent described him as wonderful. He is a sweet dog and warms up quickly to people. He does get nervous if someone approaches him too fast and is too forceful when he first meets them. He also can be a bit nippy but it seems to be […]

Prince Update

Prince’s foster mom Molly told us that Prince is a big sweet baby of a shiba. He needs an owner who is both patient and persistent. He is very smart and active and needs an owner who will keep him busy. Prince’s training is coming along, his manners are improving and he’s getting better every […]

Latest news on Prince

Prince has recently moved to a new foster home. So far things are going well. He’s learning to not snap and is not as cautious around people in the house; he’s learning to relax and adjust to being in a home. He’s learning better manners everyday and has playtime so it helps relieve his stress […]

Introducing Prince

Prince is a 3 year old big boy. He is tall and at least 35 lbs. He was surrendered to the rescue when his original family decided to have a baby. He is a little nervous around new situations and cautious around strangers. Since his old home is all he knew, it is taking him […]