Tiki Update 6/24

Tiki is doing very well. He has a nice soft coat which if anything has gotten softer. Tiki is very playful, loves playing with Sofie. He is high energy and inquisitive. Tiki has really improved with giving up items he sees as valuable. Over the last couple weeks, I have been able to take things […]

Tiki Update, April 26

Jenn says: Tiki is in wonderful shape with a beautiful coat. He is very energetic and fun loving. He loves to run, play fetch & tug. He loves being with other dogs and people. He doesn’t like you to take things from him, but these items are things like tin cans, tupperware bowls, and food […]

3/29/08 Tiki Update

Here’s an update from Jennifer: Tiki still shows some aggression towards items he sees as valuable (tin cans, tupperware, etc.). But, he easily trades the item for a treat. His adopter will need to make sure they have a really good smelling treat available at all times in case he gets something and you have […]

03/14 Tiki Update

Last week, Tiki moved from Foster Mom Molly to Foster Mom Jenn. Jenn shared the following update with us: After a few days, Tiki has adjusted nicely to his new home and foster siblings. He plays very nicely with his foster brother and 2 foster sisters. He does especially well with Sofie puppy. Tiki and […]

Introducing Tiki

Welcome Tiki! Tiki is, as you can see, a very cute red boy who is just under 2 years old. He is up to date on his vaccinations, neutered, housebroken, leash trained and crate trained. Tiki was surrendered to us by his former owners as he was exhibiting food aggression towards family members. They came […]